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Seventhteen Rules

If you have a leosbb.com partner account
Go here to submit your gallery if not apply here

if you have teen lesbian, teen hardcore etc. just submit them under "TEEN" category but if your gallery is not teen at all but you still choose teen for your category YOU WILL BE BANNED.
Submit 1 gallery/day. Permanent TEEN galleries only, your galleries will stay listed for a year, if you remove a gallery before a year you'll be banned. Do not submit the same gallery twice!
Do not use overused content and do not use same content over and over.. if you are a cheap ass don't wanna buy fresh content we don't want you here
Minimum 12 pics OR 2 big movies/gallery only.
Picture resolution/quality has to be GREAT not just ok.

Clean galleries, recip is NOT a must. If you have other recips on page you must have mine. If you have button recips on your page for others use a button recip for seventhteen otherwise, use a text link http://www.seventhteen.com

Please give a 40 character description (the script will not allow less), maximum is of 58 characters.
Submission allowed by only approved webmasters, don't have a user id & password? Click Here to apply for partner status.
If you are confused or have any question for us please do not email since we get 100s of emails as is & can't answer all so post a message here instead.